Discover how to harness your social capital for greater impact and wider good.

New ways to create the change you want in your world through the power of your social capital.

New pioneering thinking and tools to transform how individuals, organisations, and communities can be more purposeful.

What We Do


Capacity building

Innovative and fun training, workshops and masterclasses that tailor the theory of social capital for your context


Easy-to-use tools

For building communities of changemakers – Tummlers – to deliver more powerful and purposeful values-led social change


Specialist partner

We will work with you as trusted partners to co-design your social capital projects


Social Capital research

Our experienced team of social researchers can help you yield rich social capital insights in your communities



We design and run innovative campaigns that promote inter-connectedness, purposefulness and builds social capital


Community media production

Community media is more trusted, intimate and connected to communities. We can produce your own community media; or even better, help build your capacity to produce your own   

Our Values

1. Vision of a more Collaborative future

We are driven by a transformative vision of greater recognition and use of and Purposefulness and Social Capital

2. Collaboration

We value collaborative working and interdependence, working together with others towards a common purpose.
We share responsibility and accountability resulting in achieving greater than the sum of individual parts.

3. Equality & Belonging

We value fair and equitable treatment of all people and are committed to asserting rights-based approaches.
We value having a sense of place, community and/or shared identity to support a sense of belonging, togetherness and acceptance.

4. Pioneerism

We pioneer progressive ideas for positive societal change and making their realisation.

5. Minessence

We simplify the complex into concrete and practical applications for the purpose of enhancing society.

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Our Work

Modern Cockney Festival 2024

Modern Cockney Festival brings Cockneydom into the 21st Century with a call out to challenge traditional perceptions and embrace your ‘inner Cockney’ A celebration of the culture, heritage, and future of ‘non-posh Londoners’ is taken place with the second Modern...

Celebrating Cockney Culture

Celebrating Cockney Culture

New report calls for Cockney culture to be celebrated to tackle social prejudice A Cockney Blueprint for Tower Hamlets’ is a ground-breaking new university report calling for Cockney culture to be celebrated as a community language in London, while harnessing it as a...

Gŵyl Wal Goch Festival

Gŵyl Wal Goch Festival

Grow Social Capital are proud to be supporters of the Gŵyl Wal Goch Festival in Wrexham. At each festival we host challenging discussions and workshops about building more inclusive fan cultures. Tribalism and rivalries are part and parcel of the game. But they do not...

We are Grow Social Capital.

We recognise the importance of Social Capital and Purposefulness in supporting healthier, vibrant and resilient communities.