We are a new Social Enterprise.

Grow Social Capital is a social enterprise working to address the challenge of changing levels of Social Capital in society.

These changes are at the root cause of many social issues and challenges including growing divisions and distrust, fewer people getting involved in civic society, and more feeling more isolated. Our collective ability to help each other is called Social Capital.

We are developing new responses to enable organisations, communities and individuals to do something practical and positive to grow social capital.

What We Do

We offer quick, easy-to-do yet sustainable ways ahead for you.
We can partner with you in five ways:


Practical Purposefulness

Identify your ‘character’ and purposes and how to harness purposefulness 24:7.


Llawen Model

How to create better partnerships, collaborations, and co-production for bottom-up led change.


Growing Social Capital

Growing Social Capital and Social Capitalist to build greater togetherness.


Social Capital Comms

Grow communities of changemakers to deliver bottom-up led engagement and change


Community Ideas Banks

Creating a space to tap into and grow community co-creation and co-production


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Our Values

1. Vision of a more Collaborative future

We are driven by a transformative vision of greater recognition and use of and Purposefulness and Social Capital

2. Collaboration

We value collaborative working and interdependence, working together with others towards a common purpose.
We share responsibility and accountability resulting in achieving greater than the sum of individual parts.

3. Equality & Belonging

We value fair and equitable treatment of all people and are committed to asserting rights-based approaches.
We value having a sense of place, community and/or shared identity to support a sense of belonging, togetherness and acceptance.

4. Pioneerism

We pioneer progressive ideas for positive societal change and making their realisation.

5. Minessence

We simplify the complex into concrete and practical applications for the purpose of enhancing society.

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Our Work

Cockney Conversations

Cockney Conversations

Cockney Cultures launches Cockney Conversations Month March 3rd to April 4th An innovative and pioneering project, ‘Cockney Cultures’, to overcome bias, prejudice and ignorance against Cockney identity is being created in a new partnership between the Bengali East End...

Tummler School – Inspiring Purposeful Changemakers

Tummler School – Inspiring Purposeful Changemakers

‘Tummler’ is a Yiddish word for someone who gets a party going.  And at Grow Social Capital, we think it is a good job description for anyone who wants to make a difference in our communities, partnerships, and organisations. Think about parties where despite the...

Speak Cockney Day

Speak Cockney Day

Can you save Cockney from becoming brown bread? Launch of Cockney Manifesto - 7 Steps to take on Speak Cockney Day on March 3rd Cockney will be dead - brown bread - on the streets of London unless urgent action is taken. A ‘Cockney Manifesto’ is being launched on...

We are Grow Social Capital.

We recognise the importance of Social Capital and Purposefulness in supporting healthier, vibrant and resilient communities.