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Tummler School – Inspiring Purposeful Changemakers

Tummler School

‘Tummler’ is a Yiddish word for someone who gets a party going. 

And we at Grow Social Capital think it is a good job description for anyone who wants to make a difference in our communities, partnerships, and organisations.

Think about parties where despite the music playing but no-one is dancing. Eventually a few get on the dance floor which encourages to follow. Those first few are Tummlers. But getting the party started is one thing. The capacity of others must be built in order to sustain the party to carry on without them. 

How can you be an effective Tummler and create the party you want to see in your world? One way is to meet and engage with other Tummlers.

Each month our Friday lunchtime Tummler School features a chance to meet someone who is doing something to make our world better. It is a chance to listen, learn and collectively grow from the conversation.

Whether you are active in social purpose, community development, social innovation, social entrepreneurship or active citizenship – or an organisation wanting to increase its social impact – we can all gain by coming together to share insights, ideas and inspirations.

Next Event – 28 May 2021

What happens when a feisty 12 year old lass from Hull decides that her career lies in the male-dominated world of Rugby League…?

Join us to meet Julia Lee, an inspiring pioneer in sport as the first female Rugby League Referee and now Director of the Common Sense Initiative that enables young people and women to achieve their potential, at our free online Tummler School on Friday May 28 at 12 noon – 1pm.

Find out what does it mean to Julia to be a changemaker and who are the changemakers that have inspired her. But most importantly, what does Social Capital mean to her and why is it important – what makes it a powerful force?

Julia Lee was the first female referee in men’s rugby league, refereed in Australia, and became one of the most influential women in the sport, overcoming numerous barriers and discrimination along the way.

After retiring due to injury, Julia continued to pioneer change in the game as Director of Community Projects and Events for Rugby League and now runs her own consultancy as a public speaker, mentor, coach, and supporting people to become more effective and emotionally intelligent leaders. Inspiring change is what Julia does.

Each month Grow Social Capital creates a time and space to learn from inspiring people who are making a difference in our communities. Our online school is growing the tribe of Tummlers – those individuals who get the party going in their communities.

By growing not only their number but their capability, connectivity and confidence can we enhance the vitality and purposefulness of communities.

Don’t miss this month’s Tummler School, 28th May at 12 pm! Sign up below.

Our 2021 speakers include:

  • February: Sophie Howe – Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner
  • March: Alex Hillman – author, educator, and community builder -operates Indy Hall, Philly’s oldest coworking space
  • April: Peter Davies – chair of WCVA, the Size of Wales charity and Community Energy Pembrokeshire
  • May: Julie Lee – the first female rugby league referee in Great Britain and Australia. Director of the Common Sense Initiative
  • June: Luke Takeuchi – chief executive, Rhondda Housing Association

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