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Tummler School – our ‘school’ for Changemakers

Tummler School

‘Tummler’ is a Yiddish word for someone who gets a party going. 

And at Grow Social Capital, we think it is a good job description for anyone who wants to make a difference in our communities, partnerships, and organisations.

Think about parties where despite the music playing, no-one is dancing. Eventually, a few get on the dance floor which encourages others to follow. Those first few are Tummlers. But getting the party started is one thing; how does it keep going?

This is what makes our Tummler School unique in comparison to other changemaking methodologies. Because it draws on social capital theory, it focuses as much on the capacity of others as it does on you the potential changemaker and your skills and capacity. 

What does Tummler School involve?

It is a series of capacity building tools and resources that drawing on social capital theory. It can be tailored to your circumstances and community. For instance, it can be delivered in a series of workshops, or tailored to fit a one day or two day course.

It can be delivered online, in person or in a blended format.

Tummler Masterclasses

We are also planning a new season of our monthly online masterclasses with some of our favourite Tummlers. These are changemakers from diverse worlds such as environmental action, education, the charity sector, housing, sport and more. It is a chance to be inspired by and learn from other successful changemakers.

Our inaugural Tummler Masterclass speaker was Sophie Howe, Wales’s (then) Future Generations Commissioner. Sophie’s and other past masterclasses can be viewed below.

Past Tummler Masterclasses

Unfortunately the first few minutes of this record are missing due to a technical glitch!