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Can we end the worst year in living memory on a high and celebrate kindness?

Can you help us end the worst year in living memory on a high?

Yes, it’s been the toughest of times, with many losing loved ones and Covid-19 turning everything upside down. Yet, good things emerged – recognising unsung heroes, relationships, community spirit and unexpected acts of kindness.

Together we can turn the Twixtmas break –  the usually duller period in the festive calendar – as a special time to celebrate the precious things in life – our families, friends and community, shared interests, supporting each other and growing a kinder, more purposeful life.

And it’s easy, needn’t cost any money and by just by doing five simple things you can help grow kindness

It’s a completely non-commercial effort. No one is making money out of it. 

We all have immense potential to make use of untapped resource, energy, and opportunities.  

We are a group of volunteers, inspired by the new social enterprise Grow Social Capital, who want to do something positive.

We are providing the initial spark by creating a platform and programme to celebrate the things that 2020 has been good for – greater kindness with unsung heroes and communities coming together to help and support each other -as well as preparing people for a tough year ahead in 2021, coping with Covid-fatigue and more.

Using the #TwixtmasKindness banner, we are asking good people like you to do something, no matter how small, to spread the Twixtmas kindness. The five- day Twixtmas break is a prime opportunity to help people live a bigger life. The break is where people are ‘time rich’ instead of ‘time poor’

There’s five easy-to-do-and-share things, taking tiny step practical actions to make their world better in some way including:

  1. Do something to celebrate the unsung heroes or friends in your life 
  2. Do something for yourself – reflect and respect upon the good things you discovered about yourself in 2020 
  3. Do something for the environment 
  4. Do something for your community 
  5. Do something to make you fitter, healthier, more purposeful 

You can show your support – remember we are not asking for any money, badge something you are doing as a Twixtmas event, or think of something completely new to celebrate and grow the #TwixtmasKindness.

Find out more by visiting the Twixtmas website.

We hope you think the #TwixtmasKindness idea is a good one. Do something to join in the effort to grow kindness.