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End your year on a high by celebrating unsung heroes, community and kindness

Most people are ‘time poor’ – having not enough time to do the things they really want to do.

Twixtmas – the five days and the New Year – in contrast offers many of us a rare chance to be ‘time rich’.

To do the things we put off the rest of the year. Live a bigger life. Think more outwardly and communally. Carry out unexpected acts of kindness.

Our #TwixtmasKindness campaign encourages you to make the most of Twixtmas by doing these five easy-to-do-and-share things: 

  1. Celebrate the unsung heroes or friends in your life 
  2. Celebrate yourself and what you give to others 
  3. Protect our planet
  4. Support your local community 
  5. Treat yourself to be fitter, healthier, more purposeful 

Share your #TwixtmasKindness acts with us on social media.