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End 2021 on a high with #TwixtmasKindness to celebrate unsung heroes, community and kindness

Transform the five days and New Year holidays – known as Twixtmas – into living a bigger life, and celebrating what money can’t buy, nor Covid stop – love and happiness from our relationships, community spirit, and unexpected acts of kindness.

Most people are ‘time poor’ complaining of not having enough time to do things they really want to do. Twixtmas in contrast – traditionally regarded as low points in the festive calendar – offers a rare chance when most are ‘time rich’ to do the things we put off in the rest of the year. 

Using the #TwixtmasKindness banner, by doing five easy-to-do-and-share things, you can finish 2021 on a high by doing something to: 

  1. Celebrate the unsung heroes or friends in your life 
  2. Celebrate yourself and what you give to others 
  3. Protect our planet
  4. Support your local community 
  5. Treat yourself to be fitter, healthier, more purposeful 

The Twixtmas campaign idea was originally conceived by Grow Social Capital, a community interest enterprise as a simple way of creating social good and investing in the bonds that tie communities together – their social capital. By thinking more outwardly and communally during the five-day Twixtmas period, makes use of untapped resource, energy, and opportunities. 

“Despite the pain, problems and negativity around in 2021 we can all celebrate the truly good things in our world – the unsung heroes, selflessness and untold acts of compassion.  We have the choice to finish the year on a high, to grow the best things in life – our loved ones, our communities, and caring for our planet.”

Russell Todd of Grow Social Capital

A Community Interest Company, Grow Social Capital co-creates and co-produces better ways to achieve greater togetherness to enable communities to be more purposeful and do more to fulfil their social purpose.