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Social Capital Champions

social capital champion charter

What is a Social Capital Champion?

A Social Capital Champion is anyone, either on behalf of an organisation or as an individual, who recognises the importance of Social Capital in supporting healthier, vibrant and resilient communities and who wants to work with Grow Social Capital to improve their understanding of social capital.

What does a Social Capital Champion do?

Simply be an advocate of investing time and energy into fostering greater social interaction and a communal sense of identity within your networks.

How do I/we become Social Capital Champion(s)?

Download the Charter, sign it and email it to hello[at]growsocialcapital.org.uk. Please supply an appropriate photo so we can add to you our Social Capital Champions webpage. By doing so you agree to being referenced in press by Grow Social Capital.

Become a Grow Social Capital Champion – download and sign our charter for individuals who want to demonstrate their commitment to growing social capital within their networks and communities

Download the Social Capital Champion Charter