Tummler School - our School for Changemakers

Tummler School

Tummler School is our ‘school’ for for changemakers. It includes a masterclass with our favourite Tummlers in the world of enterprise, education, environmental action, housing and the charity sector

‘Tummler’ is a Yiddish word for someone who gets a party started.

We have all been to parties where the music is playing but the dancefloor is empty. We think Tummlers and parties are the perfect metaphor for changemakers in communities:

You can see the need for change, but how do you grow your community of fellow Tummlers to help achieve that change

Tummler School can be delivered in a number of sessions, as a full day workshop, or two day course; online or in-person.

Clients of Tummler School include:

  • Dŵr Cymru | Welsh Water
  • Monmouthshire County Council
  • Torfaen Voluntary Action
  • Radio Aber

Tummler School brings a refreshing and creative angle to community development methodology. I particularly enjoyed the section on instigating social movements and action, inspiring people to take the lead in making waves” – Fred, Monmouthshire County Council



featured image fpr a blog about Grow Social Capital's Walkspiration service

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”

Rachel Wolchin

Walkspiration is our pioneering methodology for helping you see through the eyes of others and build social capital…all by walking.

Inspired by Paulo Freire and Hippocrates, Walkspiration inspires:

  • a deeper understanding of your communities
  • grassroots collaborations

Research, Evaluation and Insight


We provide a quality research and evaluation service that uses a social capital approach to reveal valuable insights into the issues with which you and your communities are concerned.

Examples of our research work include:


Community Media Production and Developemnt

With our partners Decentered Media, we help you design and produce inspiring and engaging community media.

The Community-Focused Media Model is underpinned by an ethos of maximising social gain. It promotes locally-produced news and media. It concerns itself with what matters to communities, and not what is syndicated for remote, centralised agencies.

Community media is trusted and might be the missing ingredient in your efforts to build trusting communities.