Who We Are

We are Grow Social Capital

A social enterprise based in south Wales and east London working to address the challenge of changing levels of social capital in society.

Changing levels of social capital lie at the heart of many social issues and challenges we face, such as:

  • declining trust in institutions, democratic processes and each other
  • declining participation in civic society
  • increase in the numbers of people feeling more isolated

We are pioneering new thinking and tools to transform how individuals, organizations, and communities can harness the power of social capital and be more purposeful 

We work across all sectors

Founded during the pandemic, we make it easier to harness Purpose and Social Capital to support positive personal, social and economic change.

As well as respecting the contribution of stability and cohesion for creating more resilient, capable and confident communities, organizations or workplaces.

Our clients are in every sector: private, social, utility companies, and public.

Innovative and transformative

We are a talented team with expertise in community development, digital communications and brand marketing.

By bringing these together we have developed services and resources for:

  • transformative changemaking
  • community and organizational capacity building
  • developing new strategic campaign narratives
  • enhancing purposefulness   

We are founding partners of the pioneering Dublin Conversations (launching in September 2023), the Wal Goch Festival and the Modern Cockney Festival. Our work has been featured on/in BBC London, S4C, Capital FM, The Star, The Telegraph, Planet, Nation Cymru.

Saif Osmani of Cockney Cultures researching the story of Cockney with a Pearly Queen
Saif Osmani on BBC London Politics show March 2023

Our Values

1. Vision of a more Collaborative future

We are driven by a transformative vision of greater recognition and use of and Purposefulness and Social Capital

2. Collaboration

We value collaborative working and interdependence, working together with others towards a common purpose.
We share responsibility and accountability resulting in achieving greater than the sum of individual parts.

3. Equality & Belonging

We value fair and equitable treatment of all people and are committed to asserting rights-based approaches.
We value having a sense of place, community and/or shared identity to support a sense of belonging, togetherness and acceptance.

4. Pioneerism

We pioneer progressive ideas for positive societal change and making their realisation.

5. Minessence

We simplify the complex into concrete and practical applications for the purpose of enhancing society.

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Meet the Team

Russell Todd

Russell Todd

Russell is a Welsh-speaking community development practitioner of 20 years’ experience.

Andy Green

Andy Green

Andy is a specialist in innovation and creativity, social capital, storytelling and strategic communications.

Matt Appleby

Matt Appleby

Matt is a strategic communications consultant working with organisations to develop & embed social purpose.

Sarah Tamsin

Sarah Tamsin

Sarah is a web designer and digital consultant with over 10 years' experience working in the public and voluntary sector.

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