Our Mission

Grow Social Capital is a new social enterprise.


We make it easier to harness Purpose and Social Capital to support positive personal, social and economic change, as well as respecting the contribution of stability and cohesion for creating more resilient, capable and confident communities, organisations or workplaces.


We transform your thinking, mindfulness and how you do things to realise your potential and create the change you want to see in the world.


We care about the need to tackle the growth of ‘UnSocial Capital’ with resulting changing levels of Social Capital leading to growing distrust, disrespect, division and tribalism in our wider society.


We have skills in changemaking through communities, business and social missions, and making change easier to happen.


Grow Social Capital provides a new narrative for harnessing the positive potential of and Purposefulness and Social Capital to enable communities, teams or organizations to realise greater togetherness.


We have developed the ‘Llawen Model’ to provide a Made in Wales body of ideas and tools to realise bottom-up, emergent change through harnessing Purposefulness and Social Capital.


We are valued for how we make it easy to engage with the ideas and new practices of Purpose and Social Capital.


We deepen and extend your understanding and use of Purposefulness and Social Capital because we care about creating a more socially inclusive and capable world where places and organisations realise their potential and transform their situations.


We are a talented team with expertise in community development and changemaking, transformative communications and developing organisational Purpose and Social Capital.


Grow Social Capital enables anyone to manage the and Purpose and Social Capital dimensions to realise their potential to live and work together more purposefully.


We can enable you to rise to the post-Covid-19 challenge of the urgent need to realise a new ‘normal’, a normal of better collaboration, integration and synergies by working together, and caring about your common goals. Act now.


We make ‘togetherness’ a verb by making it easier for people manage their Purposefulness and Social Capital to create change.


Same-old, same-old didn’t work before. It won’t work now.

Our Values

1. Vision of a more Collaborative future

We are driven by a transformative vision of greater recognition and use of and Purposefulness and Social Capital

2. Collaboration

We value collaborative working and interdependence, working together with others towards a common purpose.
We share responsibility and accountability resulting in achieving greater than the sum of individual parts.

3. Equality & Belonging

We value fair and equitable treatment of all people and are committed to asserting rights-based approaches.
We value having a sense of place, community and/or shared identity to support a sense of belonging, togetherness and acceptance.

4. Pioneerism

We pioneer progressive ideas for positive societal change and making their realisation.

5. Minessence

We simplify the complex into concrete and practical applications for the purpose of enhancing society.

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Bridging social capital traverses social boundaries it tends to
increase tolerance and acceptances of different people,
values, and beliefs through contact with diverse others


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